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Hokkaido Highway Blues - Hitchhiking Japan
Ferguson, Will

This work recounts Will Ferguson's journey through Japan, as he hitch-hikes and follows the path of the cherry blossom or sakura moving from one coast to the other... Ferguson was teaching English in Japan when he decided to follow the cherry blossoms as they bloomed from south to north. To get to know the Japanese people better, he opted to hitchhike the whole way. Hitchhiking is technically illegal in Japan, but Ferguson had little trouble getting rides. He not only provides some insight on Japanese manners and mores but really captures what it is like to be a foreigner in Japan. As a gaijin, he played various roles: the honoured guest, the entertainment (kids at the zoo find him more interesting than the animals), the temporary escape from Japanese society, and the rude barbarian. But the one thing he wanted most he could never have: to feel as if he belonged. He captures all of this with great humour, a touch of sarcasm, and a clear affection for Japan...

Second hand Trade Paperback