Asterix and the Missing Scroll (36)
Asterix and the Missing Scroll (36)
Ferri, Jean-Yves & Conrad, Didier
Asterix, the Gaul is back for more funny, fast-paced adventure in this cheeky and energetic comic, the New York Times bestselling thirty-sixth Asterix album. Julius Caesar has finished writing the history of his campaigns in Gaul. His publisher, Libellus Blockbustus, foresees a huge success ... but there's a snag. The chapter about Caesar's defeats by the indomitable Gauls of Armorica. Cut it, Blockbustus advises, and everyone will believe that Caesar conquered all Gaul! Or will they? Newsmonger and activist Confoundtheirpolitix takes the chapter to Asterix's village. Can the Gauls make sure the truth is revealed?
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