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Fine Woodworking Best Finishing Techniques
Fine Woodworking Best Finishing Techniques
Fine Woodworking
A great finish makes even a simple project look terrific. A failed finish can ruin the most well-built, sophisticated piece of furniture. Finishing is daunting and mystifying to many woodworkers who fear they will spoil their projects at this late stage in the process. This collection of articles from "Fine Woodworking" brings together the best information on all kinds of finishing techniques, from traditional, like French polish, to more modern spray finishing applications. The first part of the book covers surface preparation, including sanding and scraping. This critical step is essential to a successful finish. Subsequent sections address specific finishing challenges: choosing the best method to apply a finish, getting wood exactly the right colour with dyes and stains and staining specific woods. There is also a group of favourite finishing recipes from editors and contributors. These tried-and-true methods are nearly foolproof. Concluding the book are two chapters on troubleshooting finishing problems.
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