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Waking Up In Cuba
Waking Up In Cuba
Foehr, Stephen
The unique music of Cuba has been the means of a people's survival. Sensual, sexual, soulful and rhythmic, its very emergence is a feat of courage and resilience, where all but government-approved musicians are oppressed and restricted. A combination of West African drumming, Spanish folk guitar, American jazz, rock 'n' roll, hip-hop, Son, musica campesina and danzon, Cuban music is the true expression of the Cuban people's history and life. Based in Havana and Santiago de Cuba, with extensive travel through all the towns and villages in between, Stephen Foehr takes us on a unique tour of Cuba's history and culture. Interviewing musicians, spiritual leaders and the closest descendants of each ethnic group, Foehr presents a fascinating image of a complex, vibrant society that is Cuba. Dancing with Fidel is released at the height of interest in Hispanic music: Hispanic Heritage month; along with Grammy-winning international bestseller Buena Vista Social Club album, film and band on tour....
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