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Conversations with the Soul -  Seeing the Light from Upstairs
Conversations with the Soul - Seeing the Light from Upstairs
Follas, Lawrence
Zenith Publishing, 2005. Signed by the author with dedication. Does the mind have the ability to function outside the body? Can your past help you move forward into a brighter future? Hypnotism for most people the word conjures up an image of a group of people on a brightly lit stage performing ridiculous and embarrassing stunts. Hypnotism in its true form is a multi-faceted practice that can open the doorways to your subconscious. In the hands of a skilled practitioner hypnotism can guide the seeker to the very depths of the soul, revealing past lives and hidden insights that my help to heal or enlighten. Lawrence Follas, an extremely experienced hypnotist has meticulously recorded his work with his clients. This book is an in-depth look at their journeys beyond their conscious minds. Their revelations are surprising, sometimes astounding and incredibly thought-provoking.
Second hand Paperback