UPDATE - Selling books to Arty Bees.

We are buying books again, we are being selective.

Please call if you have more than 3 boxes.

The Complete Guide to Middle Earth - From The Hobbit to The Silmarillion
Foster, Robert
For the millions who have already ventured to Middle Earth, and for the countless others who have yet to embark on the journey – here is the one indispensable A-to-Z guide that brings Tolkien’s universe to life. From Adaldrida Brandybuck to Zaragamba – every Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf, Man, Orc, or other resident of Middle Earth is vividly described and accurately located in proper place and time. Colourfully detailed descriptions of geographical entries allow you to pick up the action anywhere in Middle-earth and follow it through all five volumes. From stars and streams to food and flora, everything found in Middle-earth is alphabetically listed and, when necessary, cross-referenced...
Second hand Hardback