Tibet, Tibet - A Personal History of a Lost Land
Tibet, Tibet - A Personal History of a Lost Land
French, Patrick
In 1982, while he was still a schoolboy, Patrick French met the Dalai Lama for the first time. Ever since, he has been fascinated by Tibet's people, its history, and its recent plight. "Tibet, Tibet" is a combination of travel and history. The book offers an exploration of one of the most beautiful, isolated, mysterious and misunderstood countries on earth. It follows Patrick French's progress on a journey through Tibet, sidetracked on the way by a cascade of information, thoughts and reflections on such subjects as the correct method of travelling across a desert by night; the advisability of not naming your children until their sixth year; and events like the removal of a corrupt Regent's eyeballs by means of a yak's knucklebones in 1933.
Second hand Hardback