A Certain Grandeur - Gough Whitlam's Life in Politics
A Certain Grandeur - Gough Whitlam's Life in Politics
Freudenberg, Graham
Graham Freudenberg's inside account of Gough Whitlam's political rise and fall is one of the great classics of Australian political writing. From his position as Gough's speechwriter and confidant, just out of the spotlight of history, Freudenberg was an eyewitness to the events he documents with compelling drama. But A Certain Grandeur's most significant achievement is to capture vividly the character of the man - dictatorial, petulant, erudite, revolutionary. This new edition has been updated to include the Labor Party's regeneration following the dismissal, and to lay to rest myths about Gough and his government's achievements that have prevailed in the three decades since, including those surrounding what has become one of the most controversial legacies: East Timor....
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