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The Qur'an - An Introduction - Foundations of Islam
The Qur'an - An Introduction - Foundations of Islam
Gade, Anna M.
The bedrock of the Islamic faith, the Qur'an is revered by Muslims as Allah's final revelation, offering divine guidance to humankind. A seamless blend of narrative, description, parable, and law, it is a moral code for over a billion people. In this comprehensive study, Anna M. Gade closely examines the sacred text to provide illuminating insights into the many different ways that it has been read and interpreted. "The Qur'an: An Introduction" supports English-language readers in their studies by equipping them with a solid foundation in the terminology and methods of traditional Qur'anic analysis. Addressing the format, style, and history of this unique work, it also critically assesses its relevance to the major issues of the day, from politics and gender to conflict and even ecological crisis. Featuring extensive extracts and a handy glossary, this is an indispensable primer for students and scholars, as well as general readers with an interest in Islam's sacred scripture...
Second hand Trade Paperback