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Domesday Book - Its Place in Administrative History
Domesday Book - Its Place in Administrative History
Galbraith, V.H.
Fold-out illustration from Domesday Book as frontispiece. Between the battle of Hastings and the Norman conquest in 1066 and the Domesday Inquest twenty years later (1086) the aristocratic English land-owning class was expropriated in favour of a French-speaking, feudal society which for more than two centuries substituted Latin for Anglo-Saxon as the language of archives, and French for English as the spoken language. It is this catastrophic revolution which ws reduced to writing in Domesday Book, and at once became the 'blue print' of the new order, and its title deeds. It was thus a forward-looking document whose importance in medieval royal administration has been gravely underestimated by nineteenth-century historians whose chief interest lay in the light it shed upon the Anglo-Saxon past....
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