Teach Yourself Magic
Teach Yourself Magic
Galvin, Anthony
Magic has dramatically grown in popularity since the recent rise of celebrity 'street' magicians. This book will teach you how to perform this modern magic that will amaze and entertain. Whether you are a budding magician wanting to discover the basics of modern magic or an experienced hobbyist wanting to develop further, Magic is for you. This book will enable you to quickly and easily master extraordinary magic tricks and skills that will astound and enthrall your audience. Using everyday objects to perform mind-boggling illusions and intimate miracles that happen right before the eyes, you will be able to become a confident and competent magician. This book, written by a member of The Magic Circle, will give you all the skills you need to master this craft and provides invaluable advice on becoming a professional magician and taking this art to a new level. The author is Anthony Galvin, Ireland's top magician and a member of The Magic Circle who has a wealth of experience that ensures that throughout the book you develop your skills and are able to provide you and your audience with hours of amusement and amazement....
Second hand Paperback