Early Flying Machines 1799 - 1909
Early Flying Machines 1799 - 1909
Gibbs-Smith, Charles
This is an international portrait of those flying-machines which started with Sir George Cayley's design of 1799, and went to make up that great stream of endeavour which had its true climax in the Wright brothers' machines of 1903-05; and then went forward triumphantly to 1909 when the first Aviation Meeting at Reims symbolised the arrival in the world of the aeroplane as the latest and most exciting of man's practical vehicles - vehicles which have since transformed our world and its civilisation. Here is a panorama of the growth of the aeroplane from a pipe-dream set down on paper to the seeming miracle of successful flying through the atmosphere by man-carrying machines heavier than the air through which they ride. Dustwrapper has been repaired.
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