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A Kiwi in Kerala
A Kiwi in Kerala
Ginn, Noel
Published by Steele Roberts Aotearoa, Wellington, 2008, 256 pages. After a colourful and productive career in New Zealand and Australia, Noel Ginn lived out much of his retirement in a village in Kerala, the lush southern state of India. Remembered as a conscientious objector jailed in World War II, Noel Ginn published profound poems in his Dweller on the Threshold. Interest in his experiences and perceptions grew with Paul Millar's Spark to a Waiting Fuse, about Ginn's influential correspondence with the young poetic prodigy James K Baxter. Noel Ginn's Kerala journals are fragrant with the spice of daily life in India and rich with his reflections - sometimes passionate, often subtle - on life's transitions. Observing within and between the cultures of India and Aotearoa New Zealand, Noel Ginn writes with an acute eye, aroha and gentle humour.
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