Voyage from Shame - The Cowra Breakout and Afterwards
Voyage from Shame - The Cowra Breakout and Afterwards
Gordon, Harry
In the early morning of 5 August 1944, more than 1100 Japanese POWs attempted to break out of their prison camp near the NSW town of Cowra. 235 died including four Australians, and hundreds actually escaped. It was the largest prison break in history. At the time and for years afterwards, the facts of the affair were not disclosed. It became a kind of sleeping secret. Then in the 1960s Harry Gordon set out to discover the truth. The book that resulted, Die Like the Carp!, published in 1978, was hailed as the definitive account of the incident. Now Gordon has revisted the Cowra Breakout. When he began work on a new edition to mark the 50th anniversary of the incident, his intent was to revise and expand his earlier work. He has done much more than that, unearthing fresh truths and exploring new themes. Voyage from Shame tells the stories of the Australians who died and their families, and examines the emotional transition - from overwhelming shame to a sense of pride - that many former Japanese prisoners have undergone. In doing so, it makes a contribution to history, to understanding, and to reconciliation...
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