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Sons of France - A Forgotten Influence on New Zealand History
Sons of France - A Forgotten Influence on New Zealand History
Goulter, Mary Catherine
This book is the story of seven of the French priests who came to New Zealand as missionaries from 1838 onwards. In many respects it opens up a new field in New Zealand history, and brings to light hitherto unrerecognised leaven in the national character. In its pages these historical figures come to life as breathing men, with all their weaknesses, all their loveable personal qualities, their invincible courage, and their sense of dedication. The reading of their lives carries us into another world, and recreates vividly a New Zealand none of us has known, of unbridged rivers, impassable mountains, and vast plains without a landmark. Over all these we follow these great hearted men, whom history has hitherto neglected for several reasons - because they were a minority, and because they were in the main reticent men, and when they wrote at all, the usually wrote in French. The French Priests who came to New Zealandas missionaries from 1838 onwards: Louis Servant 1807-1860 Jean Baptiste Petitjean 1811-1876 Antoine Marie Garin 1810-1989 John Forest 1804-1884 Delphin Moreau 1813-1883 Jean Baptiste Chataigner 1821-1901 Claude COGNET 1858-1912 Whitcombe & Tombs, 1957/58, Dustwrapper has pieces missing/chipping. May have previous owner's name inside.
Second hand Hardback