What I Wish I Knew at Eighteen
What I Wish I Knew at Eighteen
Gregory, Daniel and Wilson, Marty
If you could go back in time and give your eighteen-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?..Everyday life can be so busy we only skim the surface and forget to talk about the things that really matter. But when we do take the time to listen deeply we can learn so much about others and ourselves...What I Wish I Knew at Eighteen brings together the everyday wisdom of more than eighty extraordinary people from vastly different walks of life: from Steve Plakotaris, who on 11 September 2001 missed his seat on United Airlines flight 93, which crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, killing all on board; to actor and comic Mary Coustas; reiki practitioner and teen mum Tammy Romer; and chef Neil Perry... Everyone's story is important; everyone's life can make a difference....
Second hand Paperback