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The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family
The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family
Groening, Matt
What was Maggie's first word and who played her voice? What makes Homer say "Mmmm..."? What is the name of the three-eyed fish? In 1987, a series of thirty-second animated shorts introduced an unsuspecting public to a family called the Simpsons. It was love at first sight. This snappy dialogue, unbridled irreverence, and satirical wit made them a runaway hit, quickly earning them their own prime-time show and the undying devotion of millions of remarkably intelligent fans just like you. Today, after a decade of nonstop hilarity, The Simpsons has become the longest-running animated series of all time. Now, with this official guide to The Simpsons, you can stroll down memory lane with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa , and Maggie and relive this sidesplitting, bladder-bursting fun of your favorite episodes. Yep, in these hallowed pages you'll find plot summaries. character biographies, memorable lines, chalkboard sayings, esoteric referencesand a whole lot morefrom every show aired during the fist eight seasons. So impress your friends and send your enemies into fits of jealous rage, tidbits, and cold, hard facts, this fun-filled trivia tome could make you the ultimate authority on the goings-on in the little town of Springfield. You get: A guide to every "Simpsons" episode known to mankind! An actual introduction by creator Matt Groening! A dazzling array of guest stars! Humorous couch gags! The complete works of Itchy & Scratchy! Stuff you may have missed! Homeris-mmms! Bart's chalkboard sayings! Geniune Krusty Brand products! Outfit yourself with the conversational stylings and trivia know-how that will prove you and delight of social gatherings and summit meetings across the globe! A surefire way to spice up your life! This book and you...a sizzling combination!
Second hand Paperback