Through the Eyes of the Vikings - An Aerial Vision of Arctic Lands
Through the Eyes of the Vikings - An Aerial Vision of Arctic Lands
Haas, Robert B. and National Geographic
In 2005, aerial photographer and author Robert Haas introduced his first National Geographic title, "Through the Eyes of the Gods: An Aerial Vision of Africa". Two years later came the popular "Through the Eyes of the Condor: An Aerial Vision of Latin America". When Haas undertook his third high-flying project, he set out to conduct extensive aerial photography in the lands of the Vikings - concentrating on regions that transect the Arctic Circle, specifically Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. While photographing these lands over a three-year period, Haas endeavoured to capture imagery reflecting three key visual elements of the region: landscapes, wildlife, and human footprint. As the resulting body of work makes abundantly clear, the shots that Haas brought back reveal a much deeper and more complex picture than anyone expected. In portraying the far north, "Through the Eyes of the Vikings: An Aerial Vision of Arctic Lands" goes far beyond simply attractive pictures. Rather, this unusual book tells a combined visual and textual story about an endangered region whose unexpected beauty is worth preserving for its own sake - and whose precarious fate will impact the entire globe. Several narrative features add context to the visuals. Haas contributes a thoughtful introduction, and essays in each chapter quote from the works of noted Arctic authors and explorers, both historical and contemporary. These messages span 100 years of human interaction with the northlands and reflect on topics that range from the risks inherent in Arctic exploration to the appealing simplicity of native life to the current challenges posed by climate change. To help readers navigate the lands of the Vikings, National Geographic's hallmark maps appear in full colour and detail. In addition to a large two-page map of the Arctic at the front of the book, the back matter features several pages of country maps, complete with notes on history, culture, topography, and environment, as well as facts on population, area, industries, and more. "Through the Eyes of the Vikings" reveals, in an unforgettable way, the visual magnificence and unique characteristics of each Arctic region - and it delivers a potent message of environmental urgency that cannot be ignored....
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