Our next book club meeting is on Monday 9 August.  Our theme for this month is music.

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Transitions - The Art of Todd Lockwood
Transitions - The Art of Todd Lockwood
Haber, Karen and Lockwood, Todd

After a successful career as a commercial artist in advertising, Todd Lockwood was astonished to be told that people were willing to pay for the fantasy and science fiction art he vastly preferred to create. That discovery altered the course of his life, and he is now one of the most widely respected fantasy artists of our age. Known worldwide for his depiction of heroic and stirring high fantasy imagery under the aegis of TSR and Wizards of the Coast, he also creates work of astonishing sensitivity and beauty in quieter styles. This book, with its revealing text by Hugo-nominated writer and journalist Karen Haber and by Lockwood himself, contains well over a hundred paintings from all areas of his fantasy creation....

Second hand Hardback

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