Crete 1941 - Eyewitnessed
Crete 1941 - Eyewitnessed
Hadjipateras, C. N. & Fafalios, M. S.
Random Century, 1991. The Battle for Crete in 1941 included 7702 New Zealanders, of whom 3818 were casualties, and 6500 Australians, who suffered 3890 casualties. It therefore holds a special place in the hearts of many ANZAC families. Fifty years after the bravely fought and costly battle, the events of 1941 are still vividly recalled and hotly debated. This is not a book of military history. It is a human document. Here for the first time is a collection of authentic testimonies from New Zealanders, Australians, Britons, Cretans, Greeks and Germans who lived and witnessed every moment of the eleven-day Battle for Crete, the one and only airborne invasion in history. Supported by letters, diaries, poems, photographs and sketches, it recaptures in a uniquely vivid way the 'feel' of this fateful battle. Above all it reflects the futility of war, the heavy penalty paid by losers and victors alike...
Second hand Paperback