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Goldfields of the South
Goldfields of the South
Hall-Jones, John
Published by Craig Printing Co., Invercargill, 1982, A4 booklet, 76 pages. Goldfields of the South is an illustrated review of the gold rush days in the deep south of New Zealand. Compiled in the format of the popular Gold Trail series it ranges from teh great quartz crushing batteries in remote Preservation Inlet to the more accessible mines of Orepuki, Round Hill (the largest Chinatown in New Zealand), the Mataura (where gold was discovered as early as 1856), the Nokomai, Waikaia (Switzers) and Potters. John Hall-Jones tramps into each goldfield and lines up old photographs with the scene as it is today. The last of the miners of each goldfield are tracked down and their reminiscences recorded in the text.
Second hand Paperback