Seoul - A Field Guide to History
Seoul - A Field Guide to History
Han Mi-ja (text) and Korea Cultural and Historical; Survey Society and Jung Ha-yun (translator)
The Korea Cultural and Historical Survey Society was founded in 1985 with an aim to nurture an appreciation for cultural relics around Korea. 6000 years ago Seoul was home to Neolithic people, living in pit dwellings along the Han River. For 500 years, until 5th century AD, it served as the capital of Baekje during its Wirye-seong era, then, as the capital of Joseon, Korea's last kingdom, for another 500 years, until its demise in 1910. The layers of history that the city has accumulated over the years make Seoul a fascinating and revealing destination for visitors hoping to discover Korea through all its glory and ruin. This field guide takes readers on an up-close tour of the city's myriad historical treasures, from ancient clay fortresses and Buddhist rock carvings to royal palaces and shrines of Joseon, which have survived through centuries of war and turmoil on the peninsular. Richly illustrated throughout...
Second hand Paperback