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Tired of Being Tired: Rescue, Repair, Rejuvenate
Tired of Being Tired: Rescue, Repair, Rejuvenate
Hanley, Jesse Lynn & Deville, Nancy
The way we live these days, most of us are running so fast that we do not give our adrenal glands the chance to rest, repair and rejuvenate. The result is anything from fatigue, to weight gain, to depression, to constant colds and life-threatening illnesses. Dr. Jesse Hanley wrote this book because people feel their lives are out of control and that there is nothing they can do to feel better. The truth is that you can have your energy back, lose weight, sleep soundly and more. Once you've established which stage of Adrenal Burnout you're in, by taking Dr. Jesse Hanley's test, you can use an individually tailored programme to remedy the damage.
Second hand Trade Paperback