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The Healthy Animal Handbook - Holistic Health for Cats and Dogs
The Healthy Animal Handbook - Holistic Health for Cats and Dogs
Harris, Viv
Viv is is a highly respected Wellington vet who also actively uses holistic methods. She had a weekly session on National Radio with Wayne Mowat, where people would ring in with questions about how to look after their pets. Holistic health is very much about keeping well with good food, appropriate exercise for your age and body type, and stimulating one's mind for emotional and mental health. Holistic health is also very much a preventive approach, providing a healthy and solid platform of health, and using diet, exercise and environment to keep in balance. This book is very thorough and looks at every aspect of pet care in general, from how to feed a tiny kitten, the cat who sprays inside, the dog who is overanxious; first-aid treatments for injuries; right through to looking after an animal with cancer. It covers the holistic approach to pet care; nutrition and diet; holistic therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences, allergy testing and elimination, herbal medicine, chiropractic; common problems and treatments - complementary therapy treatments and techniques; holistic first aid; raising puppies and kittens holistically; and an holistic approach to euthanasia....
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