Hannah - The Complete Story - The Omnibus Edition containing Seasons of My Life and Daughter of the Dales
Hauxwell, Hannah with Cockcroft, Barry
Hannah Hauxwell has become an unlikely celebrity. Many people have been fascinated by the story of the solitary woman farmer living a life of hardship on a remote Pennine farm, without electricity or running water. This is an omnibus edition of her two books, "Seasons of My Life" and "Daughter of the Dales". Hannah recounts life at Lower Birk Hatt Farm, revealing her love of the countryside and animals and her reluctance to give up her beloved home in spite of its toll on her health. Having retired to a nearby cottage, she tells of her new life and her travels around the country, as well as the story of her past and the childhood and courtship of her parents....
Second hand Trade Paperback

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