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Living History - What Life Was Like in Ancient Times
Haywood, John (editor)

Journey through more than 100,000 years of history to find out what the past was like for real people. Discover why some societies developed into great civilizations or mighty empires,while others held onto a primitive tribal existence. This magnificently illustrated encyclopedia explores every aspect of human history from the growth of farming, work and trade through science, crafts and technology to the importance of art, culture and entertainment. The great civilizations of the past are compared and contrasted to demonstrate and illuminate the unique part each has played in the development of life as we know it today. Over 3000 photographs, artworks, diagrams and maps reveal in fascinating detail how people lived in the past: their homes, their families, their beliefs. 120 step-by-step projects involve the reader in recreating the past as they build a pyramid, cook a meal from history or dress up in ancient armour and costume. The book covers the Stone Age, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Celts, the Vikings. the Aztecs and Maya, the Incas, Ancient Japan, the Chinese Empire, Ancient India, the Arctic World, and the North American Indians...

Second hand Hardback

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