An Exmoor Panorama
An Exmoor Panorama
Hendrie, Peter
From its dramatic and unspoiled coastline, tumbling rivers, hanging woods and bleak moorlands, to picturesque villages and contour-hugging farms, seen through the seasons Exmoor offers a picture of unending variety. From his base at the heart of the Moor, international-award-winning photographer Peter Hendrie has spent years capturing Exmoor in its many moods. But now, uniquely, he presents his vision in a series of stunning images in large-scale panoramic format. For the first time in published form, his exceptional work is displayed in a book made to fit the image rather than - as is so often the case - the other way round.The depth and quality of each picture is realized superbly in this mouth-watering volume, perhaps the most stunning ever to appear on this incomparable place. Yet the genius of Peter Hendrie is to go beyond the merely attractive or simply photogenic: in 70 works of photographic art he captures the true essence of each of his subjects with an understanding and sympathy that only a man of the Moor can bring. Every magnificently presented image conveys the real passion he feels for the place he calls home....
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