The Awful Truth - An Unauthorised Autobiography
Hogg, Colin
The Awful Truth is an outrageous, headlong ride through the life and times of an alternative sort of good keen man whose love of rock n roll, getting out of town and rambunctious company has long marked him out from the gang. Raised in the rough womb of New Zealand's far south, Cloin Hogg stumbled into a career in journalism that has zig-zagged across three decades without ever taking life too seriously. And if the hundreds of stories and columns he's written have often skated close to the edge, The Awful Truth goes closer. So close that the author denies all responsibility for the contents of this unauthorised autobiography. Co-starring Iggy Pop, Invercargill, Sam Hunt, the Auckland Star, Bono, the Seven Dwarves, Barry Crump, Kylie Minogue, Herbs, Paul Simon, Spike Milligan, Minnie Dean, Bob Dylan, the Bee Gees and a porn star named Hyapatia Lee, among others, The Awful Truth dives into the undergrowth of jounralism for one more wild ride.
Second hand Paperback