Hard Men: True Stories from the New Zealand Heartland
Hard Men: True Stories from the New Zealand Heartland
Holden, Philip
Harper Collins, 2002. Good second-hand condition. There still exists a small enclave of the traditional Barry Crump-style men, living life their own, independent way. Philip Holden's subjects are drawn from all over the country and from a number of walks of life. There is the policeman in Wairoa, who risked his own life to save that of a suspect he was chasing, the hunter in Ruatoria who stays in remote huts for months on end, and David Fagin, the legendary shearer from Te Kuiti, who has long been a world champion at one the most demanding sports/occupations known. Other people featured include hunters, farmers and West Coast men who risk their lives crossing the dangerous Buller bar on a regular basis. Throughout the book, the country's history is incorporated into the stories of the men living today, making for a unique synthesis of past and present.
Second hand Paperback