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A World History of Art
A World History of Art
Honour, Hugh and Fleming, John
In this fourth edition, Honour and Fleming have expanded their account of specific periods and artforms. Many discussions - from late Gothic art to 19th-century Dutch landscape painting to Native American art - have been treated at greater length, and a new final chapter added to cover the 1980s and 1990s. The chronological span of the book is also punctuated by new features of two kinds: sources and documents; and in-context coverage. The former presents extracts from various contemporaneous texts, such as: contracts; building accounts; eyewitness reports; early biographies; and contemporary criticism. The latter focuses attention on the particular circumstances that affected the creation of key works, such as the Delphi Charioteer or Picasso's "Demoiselles". In turn, these supplementary sections serve to illuminate the backgrounds of other works of art of the same period and place.
Second hand Paperback

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