Hemingway And His World: An Illustrated Biography
Hemingway And His World: An Illustrated Biography
Hotchner, A. E.
In this photographic extravaganza, long-time pal Hotchner, author of Papa Hemingway ( LJ 6/15/66), presents the standard rogues' gallery of Don Ernesto's family, friends, and literary comrades. Many of the photos (520 in all, 80 in color) have been published before but only as small, grainy mug shots. Here, however, the photos, which are the main course of this volume, are big, bright, and clear. Hotchner begins each chapter with a brief introduction to periods in Papa's life (the early years, the Paris years, etc.) and the people involved in them and follows up with numbered photos and captions. While the text will give the reader a working knowledge of the subject's life, this book is more a tribute than a biography and is not in the same league with the analytical biographies by Carlos Baker and Jeffrey Meyers. However, it is recommended on the strength of the photos, which should make Hemingway aficionados reach nirvana.
Second hand Hardback

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