John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop
John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop
Howe, John and Gilliam, Terry (foreword) and Lee, Alan (afterword)
Discover the creative processes and intriguing inspirations behind the work of leading fantasy artist John Howe, in his first-ever practical art book. 'Here's how I do it, and why': this is the premise behind John Howe's practical exploration of his artistic inspirations, approaches and techniques. This book will appeal to practical artists and fans of John Howe's work by leading you step-by-step through a range of specially commissioned demonstrations, sketches and outstanding finished paintings, some designed specifically for this book, that reveal John's renowned artistic approach in action, plus the techniques and stories behind each. It covers a wide range of subjects essential to any aspiring fantasy artist, beginning with the creative process, exploring where inspiration comes from, looking at narratives and themes, gathering and using reference materials, organizing your working environment, and protecting and storing your artwork. The second chapter focuses on Materials and Techniques, looking at the materials and techniques John Howe uses, in the hope that this will help you find your own that work for you. Howe covers sketches and sketchbooks, drawing materials, paint and ink, with tips for drawing when out and about. In the third part of the book, Howe explores drawing and painting fantasy beings from initial inspiration and approaches to characters, symbolism and accouterments. He begins by showing how to create different types of fantasy human beings: male and female archetypes, humans in action, armour and weapons, faces, expressions and hands, hair and costumes, and goes on to explain how to create different types of fantasy beasts: talons, wings, fangs and fire, and noble animals, interspersed throughout with exciting case studies from Cernunnos to Beowulf and the dragon. Chapter four explores landscapes and architecture from the four elements; earth air, fire and water to creating fantasy buildings and balancing light and dark atmospheres, also interspersed with case studies, including Atlantis. The final section of the book provides further inspiration and guidance on presenting work in various forms, including film work, book covers and advertising, all areas John Howe has vast experience in. The foreword is written by groundbreaking film director Terry Gilliam, with an Afterword by Alan Lee, the Oscar winning world-class illustrator. John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop is an incredibly inspiring book for all fantasy artists....
Second hand Paperback

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John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop
Howe, John and Gilliam, Terry (foreword) and Lee, Alan (afterword)