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LeatherWorks - Traditional Craft for Modern Living
LeatherWorks - Traditional Craft for Modern Living
Ingrams, Otis
A cool craft book that teaches you how to make 20 simple yet stylish leather projects in your own living room, from home to fashion accessories. Leather is beautiful and incredibly satisfying to work with. As a natural and sustainable material, it has intrinsic value and each piece has unique character. LeatherWorks shows you how to make 20 stylish items from leather, from objects for the home, such as a woven bench or log basket, to lifestyle accessories such as bags, a sunglasses case or an apron. Alongside the projects, you can master core craft skills that will allow you to produce elegant and durable pieces, such as hand-stitching, weaving, riveting and lacing. Working with leather is a tidy, portable craft that requires little space - all of the tools and materials can be readily purchased and all you need is a small dining table. A contemporary design ethos allied to traditional techniques brings this craft firmly into the 21st century.
Second hand Hardback