Fame in the 20th Century
Fame in the 20th Century
James, Clive
A companion to Clive James' eight-week PBS series of the same name, this witty commentary on fame in our time covers internationally-known figures from politics, art, literature, science, sports, crime, and the performing arts - everyone from Madame Curie to Madonna. The rise of the media in the 20th century changed the nature of fame: before, people had been famous for what they had done, in this century many have become famous just for who they are. Film footage and modern fame began together, and what began as a flood has become a torrent: hundreds of thousands of images that have shaped reality and perhaps distorted it. In this book, written to accompany his major TV series, Clive James looks at the nature of fame in the 20th century, giving it his own unique interpretation - original, illuminating and funny..
Second hand Paperback