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New Zealand Pubs - 175 Classic Pubs to Visit (revised)
New Zealand Pubs - 175 Classic Pubs to Visit (revised)
Janssen, Peter

Updated and revised.

New Zealanders love a pub, especially one with an interesting past. This guide provides a selection of the best - pubs that are not only a great place to relax but are cornerstones of their communities, playing a part in the history of New Zealand. With helpful information about the food, accommodation and ambience offered by each establishment, New Zealand Pubs is useful guide for locals and tourists alike and covers a range of classic pubs across the country. From well-known pubs in the heart of the city to hidden gems far off the beaten track, the options are many and varied. One thing they do have in common: they are all pleasant places to spend a little time. Each pub has a story, a history; an anecdote about its past or a ghost haunting its attic. All of this makes them well worth a visit, and here you can learn a bit about them on the way. Travel writer Peter Janssen is the best-selling author of many travel guides, including A Walk A Day, Exploring Aotearoa, Best Short Nature Walks in New Zealand and Touring the Natural Wonders of New Zealand published by New Holland. Peter has travelled the country extensively over the years, both enjoying the popular spots and finding those hidden-away places....

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