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A Moment in Time
Jones, Ross
Born in 1966, I was raised in Otaki, a small town of just 5000 people located 70km north of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. I spent the first 18 years of my life there and during this time observed the world change and the pace of life accelerate dramatically—but Otaki pretty much remained unchanged as if time had stood still. As with most small towns, everybody knew each other and, in many ways, it was an idyllic life. When I headed off to study art and design, it called for a change from country living to city life. Despite my enthusiasm for this newfound environment, I hung onto the precious memories of the things and places I’d left behind. In many ways you can still find much of the country pace of life in my paintings. After years of experimenting with different media and techniques, I have arrived at a style that works with my ideas, composition and colour palette. My paintings are all about telling stories. They are a mixture of seemingly perfect places and events. But like all good stories, not everything is as it seems.
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