Roasting: A Simple Art
Roasting: A Simple Art
Kafka, Barbara
Barbara Kafka minces herbs, not words. She opens her remarkable new book with a straightforward credo. "I believe, " she writes, "in hot ovens, short roasting times, and rare meat. " With passion and wit, Kafka confronts many of the sacred cows of home cooking custom -- not to mention chickens, pheasant, swordfish and summer squash -- and roasts them all at a blazing 500 degrees. Kafka can take the heat. As she has in her previous award-winning cookbooks-- and in her popular commentary in Vogue, Gourmet, and now on the national Television Food Network--Kafka proposes a bold new change in American cooking habits. In Roasting, she introduces a fundamentally different way to use conventional ovens, detailed in precise techniques and more than 230 meticulously tested recipes. Her high-temperature roasting method produces delicious results -- for vegetables and fruits, as well as poultry, fish and meats -- often in half the usual time.
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