Virginia King, Sculptor
Virginia King, Sculptor
King, Virginia
Published by David Bateman Ltd, Auckland, 2005, 120 pages. Virginia King is a leading New Zealand sculptor whose passion for the land and for all aspects of natural order are reflected in her works. Whether working in "the beauty and magic" of salvaged or sustainable timber, or the sleek loveliness of stainless steel, or reshaping the land itself through earthworks Virginia brings a reverence to her materials as she transforms them into sculptures of "presence." Her creative output encompasses the floating - on air and on water, the suspended and the free-standing, the permanent and the temporary, those designed to dwell indoors and those robust enough to be at the mercy of nature's elements. Within these pages there is a large selection of full-color reproductions of her stunning works which range in scale form the domestic to the majestic, and in context from the gallery to the sit specific. Notes by the artist provide a background to each. Five essayists explore Virginia's work and cast light from their different perspectives on her modus operandi and on the physical intellectual and spiritual sources that inspire her to give voice to her unique vision. Virginia's CV and biography provide an understanding of the breadth of experience that has culminated in her celebratory collaboration with nature through her sculptural practice.
Second hand Paperback