Travels in West Africa
Travels in West Africa
Kingsley, Mary and Huxley, Elspeth (editor)
One woman's epic - and eccentric - journey up the Congo. Showing little awareness of the potential dangers she faced, Mary Kingsley, travelled to Africa alone, with no knowledge or experience of the languages and cultures she would encounter. She marched, climbed and hacked her way through the Congo - wearing the same clothes she would at home - treating hardships and dangers, such as being charged at by wild animals, or fired on by angry natives, as trivialities on a par with an April shower during a Sunday afternoon stroll. Bordering on the eccentric, Kingsley's absorbing and witty account of her journey across the 'dark continent' is a fascinating record of previously unexplored terrain, as observed by a truly remarkable woman...
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Travels in West Africa
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