Update: Selling books to Arty Bees.

Many of you have been selling books to us, which is great, but we will be pausing our buying in December.

We are currently being very "choosy" when buying books.

Please call (04)3845339 if you have more than 3 boxes of books.

The Art of Living - A Guide to Contentment, Joy and Fulfillment - Fully Illustrated
Lama, Dalai
Published by Thorsons, 2001. The Dalai Lama is one of the most beloved spiritual leaders of our age. In this book, he brings his wisdom and practical advice on how anyone (Buddhists as well as people from all faiths or none) can live a meaningful, joyful life. The images by Ian Cumming are extraordinary. Publishers Weekly called his pictures for A Simple Path "stunning". Few gift books by the Dalai Lama exist - A Simple Path is the only four-colour title. This book will build on that success, with magical photographs of monks, the Himalayas and the Dalai Lama himself...
Second hand Hardback