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The Mountbattens - The Battenbergs and Young Mountbatten
The Mountbattens - The Battenbergs and Young Mountbatten
Lambton, Anthony
Here is the full colourful history of Earl Mountbatten's forebears, written with all the dash and pathos they deserve. The scandal of the paternity of Alexander Hesse and his sister Marie, Empress of Russia, is revealed, showing that he was the offspring of his mother by the court chamberlain, Baron von Grancy, and had no rght to the title of a Prince of Hesse at all. Then in turn Alexander of Hesse eloped with Julia Hauke, a Polish lady-in-waiting. It is from this morganatic marriage that the notorious Battenberg line descends. Their children included Sandro, the abortive ruler of Bulgaria torn between the affections of the Princess of Prussia and a seductive actress. Liko who married Beatrice, daughter of Queen Victoria, and died of malaria before he could die of boredom of being cooped up with his plain wife. And there was Prince Louis of Battenberg who rose to be First Sea Lord in the Royal Navy; he was publicly humiliated and his career brutally ended in 1914 as a result of a rising tide of anti-German feeling. The effect on the young Earl Mountbatten was devastating. In this book the Hessian tapestry is uncovered in all its detail..
Second hand Hardback