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Dirty Movies - An Illustrated History of the Stag Film
Dirty Movies - An Illustrated History of the Stag Film
Lauro, Al Di & Rabkin, Gerald
Its always pleasant to see prudery knocked, and whenever I read articles bu fellow-intellectuals in defence of pornography, I do my best to summon up a cheer. Lately, however, the heart has gone out of my hurrahs. The old adrenalin glow has waned. And now that I've analysed a number of recent anti-censorship tracts, I think I know why. The writers are cheating. A whiff of evasiveness, even of outright hypocrisy, clings to their prose: Too much is left unspoken, or unadmitted. Their arguments, when you look at them closely, shift on the quicksands of timidity. On the surface, a fearless libertarian has come forth to do battle with the forces of reaction...
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