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Fascinating Paris
Fascinating Paris
Lemonier, Marc and Lebar, Jacques
Multifaceted Paris! Founded by the Seine, the city has the charms of a port. Capital of a kingdom, then a nation, it has the palaces, the avenues, and the splendors. A metropolis devouring surrounding countryside, and yet, it has managed to conserve a few village squares within its periphery. A stroll through the capital is also a walk through history. Explorers of the city will be intrigued equally by its aristocratic quarters and humble lanes. Lovers of the city never tire of the sights: the nobility of a monument, the harmony of a street, the refreshing air in a garden, the exhilaration of slipping through a half-open carriage door to discover the greenery in a hidden courtyard. Such fleeting pleasures must be seized instantly.
Second hand Hardback