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Cousin Randolph - The Life of Randolph Churchill
Cousin Randolph - The Life of Randolph Churchill
Leslie, Anita
In the view of many Randolph Churchill was arrogant, bad-mannered and manifoldly eccentric, but his cousin Anita Leslie knew another side of him and in this account of his life gives full reign to his excesses, but with a sympathetic focus. As the devastatingly attractive and brilliant son of Winston Churchill, Randolph imbibed high policy as precociously as he imbibed brandy. A wealthy man-about-town from journalism and speech-making while still under age, he found everything came to him too easily. But the really important things stubbornly failed to come on call - his attempts at a political career collapsed in recriminations with the Conservative Party; his journalism, although brilliant, was no substitute; and his relationships, although often flamboyant and tempestuous, did not hive him the fulfillment he craved. After a war spent partly in the special forces he eventually submerged himself in two projects: his official biography of his father, which was planned like a military exercise; and his garden at Stour. Leslie distills the essence of Randolph in one of the funniest and most moving biographies of the year...
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