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The Early Elizabethan Sucession Question 1558-1568
The Early Elizabethan Sucession Question 1558-1568
Levine, Mortimer
Stanford University Press 1966 During the first decade of the reign of Elizabeth I, the question of succession to the throne hung over England. That the question eventually became no question at all was largely due to accident: the long life of the Queen, the death of one aspirant (Catherine Grey) and the folly and ill-luck of another (Mary Stuart). But the easy solution of 1603, when James VI of Scotland became James I of England, could not have been foreseen during the troubled years when the succession question went far beyond a simple legal problem. Grave issues were at stake, such as would England be Catholic or Protestant, and might there be invasion from abroad, or anarchy at home? This is the first full study of this critical period from Elizabeth's accession in 1558 to the turning point in 1568: the death of Catherine Grey and Mary Stuart's flight to England...
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