Grandmother Remembers - A Written Heirloom for My Grandchild
Levy, Judith and Pelikan, Judy
Twenty years and 1.6 million copies later, this beautiful keepsake book is still a beloved family treasure. This charming album offers an appealing and accessible means for grandmothers to record family history, important events, and favorite anecdotes for their grandchildren. The lovingly illustrated four-color pages include places to write down favorite recipes, unforgettable family celebrations and traditions, and other memories that every grandmother loves to pass down. Inspirational poems and intriguing questions invite grandmothers to share fascinating facts about their lives, including stories about childhood, marriage, their own children, and their perceptions of life today. Although this is a grandmothers' book, there are pages for grandfathers to record their thoughts, too. A wonderful family heirloom, 'Grandmother Remembers' is as lovely and relevant today as it was when it was first published twenty years ago.
Second hand Hardback