Our next book club will be meeting on Monday 12 July and we will be discussing books with a seafaring theme.

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Watercolour Painting Techniques
Watercolour Painting Techniques
Lewis, David (Ed)
If you want to develop your skills in the challenging medium of watercolor, 'Watercolor Painting Techniques' is the instructional volume you need. It brings together several of the finest contemporary watercolor artists and takes you into their studios where each artist shows you how they achieve striking results in watercolor and explain in lucid detail how you can too; Christopher Schink makes color mixing simple and creative; Charles Reid shows you how to capture the vibrant colors and freshness of flowers. You'll discover nature's loveliest details and make them come alive with Zoltan Szabo's instruction - and learn to paint rugged mountain vistas and peaceful farm landscapes with John Blockley. Richard Bolton shows you how to recreate the subtle but powerful effects of weathering and E. John Robinson brings the power and atmosphere of the sea shore right to your paper. Georg Shook teaches you how to texture wood and achieve the reflective quality of glass in your paintings. Generously illustrated and in color throughout, 'Watercolor Painting Techniques' is divided into eight sections that cover everything from your basic palette to capturing even subtle textures in watercolor. The book's eight sections are; materials and equipment, brushwork, handling color, landscapes, textures, closeups in nature, flowers, and seascapes.
Second hand Paperback