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Ars Erotica
Ars Erotica
Lucie-Smith, Edward

Eroticism is in the mind of the beholder. Ars Erotica looks at the way in which perceptions of the erotic, and expressios of it, have changed at turning points in Western history, how the dialectic between repression and permissiveness has affected art and literature. After an introductory essay exploring the theme of chaning attitudes and the events that caused their change, Ars Erotica presents its thesis in 12 chapters. Sexuality of every kind is celebrated, from gorup sex to solitary joy, from gay to straight, from heavenly bliss among the classical gods to more mundane pleasures of earthbound lust, from sex in bondage to outdoor passion. Each chapter contains a short intriduction, comparing and contrasting aspects and attitudes. The various themes are illustrated with paintings, drawings, photographs, poetry and prose...

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