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Ashford Book of New Zealand Folk Art
Ashford Book of New Zealand Folk Art
Lups-Frowyn, Maryke
Folk art has experience an extraordinary surge in popularity in Europe, the United States and Australia in recent years. New Zealand has been slow to catch up, but there is now a rapidly-growing number of folk art enthusiasts in the country. Maryke Lups-Frowyn first learnt the elements of fold are in her native Holland where she was taught, step by step, the traditional style of Bavarian and Dutch floral paintings. When Maryke emigrated to New Zealand in 1983 she found that folk art was nearly unknown here. She was homesick, missing the contacts from Europe and the everyday folk art displays, so she kept developing her own work as a link with home. But she felt the need to share her passion with others so, in 1991, after nearly eight years of painting on her own and sometimes selling her work through friends and retail outlets, she started to teach folk art. She began with two continuiing education classes for adults and now the classes have grown from two to six a week. Using her experience as a teacher, Maryke now shates her skills with a wider audience through THE ASHFORD BOOK OF NEW ZEALAND FOLK ART. Along with clear, straightforward advice on basic equipment and supplies, preparation of surfaces. brush strokes, advance techniques and special effects. Maryke provides plans worksheets and detailed instructions for a number of projects based on the traditional, wooden craft items produced by Ashfor Handicrafts. These include a spinning wheel and chair, country-style trays, a flower press and much-loved objects such as a dollshouse, a rocking horse, and a teddy bear Christmas tree. Throughout, Maryke has succeeded admirably in blending the symbols of New Zealand with the more established traditions of her European homeland. Following her detailed instructions you too can use your own artistic skills to create an heirloom that your family will treasure forever. Maryke's easy-to-follow step-by-step plans will take you into a new world - the world of folk art painting where creativity knows no bounds.
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