El Diego: The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Footballer
Maradona, Diego
'Sometimes I think that my whole life is on film, that my whole life is in print. But it's not like that, there are things which are only in my heart - that no one knows. At last I have decided to tell everything'. Diego Armando Maradona needs little introduction. A poor boy from a Buenos Aires shanty-town, his genius with a ball took him to the heights of European and World football, and his struggle with the pressures of life inside and outside the game pulled him right back down again. Hero or villain, one thing is certain: he was the greatest footballer of his generation - and perhaps of all time. Never before has Maradona given us his extraordinary story in his own words. Until now. From his poverty-stricken origins to his greatest glories, Maradona recounts, with astonishing frankness, and brilliant footballing insight, the pivotal moments of a legendary life - the pressures of being a child prodigy, that game against England in the 1986 World Cup, an incredible achievement and the dream turned sour at Napoli, and the shame and disgrace of USA 1994. We see inside the mind of one of the most controversial and complex sportsmen of our times - a man torn between the demands of corporate club bosses, the fans, the media, and his own tempestuous personal life. As we follow each of Maradona's triumphs and despairs, deaths and resurrections, the man behind the madness is revealed - El Diego is a confessional, a revelation, an apology and a celebration. Please note: Slight waterdamage.
Second hand Hardback